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Assessment is an integral part of teaching and learning and takes many forms.


All pupils are assessed in the three statutory Cross-Curricular Skills:


  • Communication (Literacy)
  • Using Mathematics
  • Using ICT


Pupils in Years 4 and 7 complete End of Key Stage Assessments and are formally assessed with levels being reported to parents and the Department of Education.


We use a range of Standardised Tests in classes from Years 3 to 7 which are completed in November and May each year.  IQ tests are also administered with certain classes.  Results are analysed and they provide useful information for teachers and assist with future planning.  The Assessment Co-ordinator also tracks pupils and classes. These results help to identify which pupils need support for Special Educational Needs.


Parents are kept regularly informed about the outcomes of all Assessments. In October and March, Parent/Teacher meetings take place to discuss pupils’ progress. Parents are free to meet with teachers by appointment at any time throughout the year.  At the end of the school year, a written Annual Report is issued to parents.  This report can be discussed with the class teacher.

Schedule of Testing