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Vision & Aims



As a welcoming Inclusive School we aim to provide a safe, happy, caring and stimulating learning environment which will enable each child to develop to his or her full potential - academically, socially, emotionally, physically and spiritually, in preparation for becoming responsible citizens. 


We celebrate each person as an individual and as a valued member of our school and wider community.


In an atmosphere of tolerance and trust, we actively encourage respect, self-worth, independence, team spirit, imagination, creativity and fun.





1)       To fulfil the school vision by developing each child as:


-   An individual

-   A contributor to society

-   A contributor to the economy and environment.



2)       To develop in each child the following skills –


·   Communication

·   Using Mathematics

·   Using ICT

·   Thinking skills

·   Managing information, problem solving and decision-making

·   Being creative, working with others and self management.


3)       To foster the following attitudes and values –


·   Personal responsibility

·   Self-confidence

·   Tolerance and respect for others

·   Commitment, determination and resourcefulness

·   Community spirit

·   Integrity

·   Independence

·   Openness to new ideas.


4)  Ultimately to provide stimulating, relevant and enriching learning experiences with equality of access for each child so as they may develop an enthusiasm for learning as a lifelong process.