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At Ballyoran Nursery, School Uniform is compulsory.  The children MUST wear the following uniform:

  • Ballyoran Nursery Sweatshirt
  • Sky Blue Polo Shirt
  • Grey Tracksuit Bottoms
  • Please provide a coat for Outdoor Play

Children’s shoes MUST be slip-on or fastened by Velcro.


Uniform is available from the following suppliers:

  1. Robert Davidson, Bridge Street, Portadown
  2. Ivan Jameson, High Street, Portadown
  3. JNR Clothing, North Street, Lurgan
  4. Maxwells, Union Street, Lurgan


Please note uniform cannot be purchased in school.

All items of uniform must be named.  Name tags can be ordered through the school office.


Each child must have a ‘change of clothes’ kept in their Cloakroom bag at all times.  This change of clothes may be required for the following reasons:


  • Children may have fallen outdoors.
  • Children may have got their clothes wet by playing at the water tray.
  • Children may have had a toileting accident.