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Internet Safety

Internet Safety- TikTok Guidance for Parents

As part of the NI Curriculum, there is a statutory requirement for children to be taught about Online Safety in school. Online Safety is integrated across the curriculum for pupils in Key Stages. Pupils should demonstrate, when and where appropriate, knowledge and understanding of Online Safety including acceptable online behaviour.


We have a have a responsibility to ensure that there is a reduced risk of the availability of harmful and inappropriate digital content by restricting children’s access to it.


We do this through:


  • Auditing the training needs of all staff and seeking to provide training to improve Online Safety knowledge and expertise
  • Communicating important Online Safety concerns and issues which may arise with parents
  • Providing an age related curriculum for Online Safety which enables pupils to become safe and responsible users of technology
  • Reviewing and developing Safeguarding procedures including training




School cannot however do this on our own, to ensure pupils are safe online we need and require parents to work in partnership with us to ensure that not only are their children safe online when in school but that they are safe when out of school also.


To assist with this we regularly arrange Internet Safety Meetings for parents in conjunction with outside agencies and we would encourage you to attend these.


We have also placed the following useful links to Internet Safety Resources which we would ask you to look at and discuss with your child if appropriate:



Social Media Guidance


An increasing number of pupils are indicating that they have access to, or regularly use, social media platforms such as SNAPCHAT and FACEBOOK. We would like to remind parents/guardians that these platforms are AGE RESTRICTED and it is the view of the school that they SHOULD NEVER be used by any primary school aged pupil.


It is the responsibility of parents/guardians to be fully aware of what their child is doing online. The school will not become involved in situations where pupils behave inappropriately on those platforms outside of school. Should instances of online bullying and abuse be reported to the school by concerned parents, we will advise those parents how to report the incident to the appropriate authorities. It is up to you to keep your child safe from internet bullying while at home.


We suggest that you use the following 5 measures to ensure that you can monitor your child’s mobile phone/tablet to ensure their safety:


  1. Agree that you can have access to their phone whenever you want; check the phone regularly.
  2. Make sure you know what apps they are using (age appropriate) and know all their passwords for these apps.
  3. Look at and monitor the history of their calls, messages, contacts, web-site and pictures.
  4. No child needs their phone after 8:30pm or before 8:30am….and definitely NO CHILD NEEDS HIS/HER PHONE IN THE BEDROOM AT NIGHT.
  5. At all times talk to your child regarding the dangers of social media. Remember 1 out of 5 children talk to a stranger every day through social media.

This advice does not mean that we agree with your child having access to social media but, if you insist on letting your child use it, then this advice will hopefully help to keep them safe.


For further information check out: