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Meet the Governors

The Board of Governors is responsible for the overall management of the school and ensuring that all statutory requirements are met. The Governors delegate to the Principal the day-to-day management of the school.

The main responsibilities of the Board of Governors are:


1.   The implementation, delivery and oversight of the curriculum

2.   The management and control of the allocated budget

3.   The provision of information for parents

4.   The recruitment and selection of staff

5.   The maintenance of the premises (Shared responsibility with SELB)

6.   The Admissions Policy

7.  The fostering of links with the local community and pursuing the objectives of Mutual Understanding


The Governors are required to meet a minimum of three times a year but the Ballyoran Primary School Board meets  bi monthly.



EA Representatives:

Mr E Fleming (Chairperson)

Mrs LJ Watt

Transferor Representatives:

Mrs E Jennett

Mrs H Loney

Rev C Bradley

Mrs S Douglas



Parent Representatives:

Ms C Hall

Mrs S Hughes


Teacher Representative:

Mrs R McGuire



Mr R Woolsey (non-voting Member)