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School Meals

Ballyoran Primary School has its own kitchen on site where fresh, healthy meals are made daily for pupils and staff.  Meals are in line with the National Nutritional Standards and cost as follows:

Nursery: £2.50 per day

Primary: £2.60 per day

Money should be sent into school on Mondays for the week in a sealed envelope stating the pupil's name, class, amount and the days which they are paying for.

The EA have recently issued schools with guidance for the provision of special diets. Special diets can be required for a wide variety of medical conditions including food allergies, food intolerance, diabetes and coeliac disease. Other children follow special diets for religious or cultural reasons or because they are vegetarian or vegan. If your child requires a special diet, please contact the office as you will need to complete a Special Diet Application Form and Special Diet Medical Form.