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April/ May

Friday 20th May | Our caterpillars are getting SO big! We think their bellies will be full up soon and it will be time for them to go for a big sleep in their cocoons.

Thursday 12th May | Today we did lots of capacity exploring. We compared containers and counted how many scoops of rice it took to fill each container. We compared how many bears and cubes each container could hold. We filled bottles with sand and used our capacity language to describe them. Finally, we filled jugs of water to match our capacity pictures and words.

Tuesday 10th May | We had the most exciting thing join our class this week… our very own caterpillars! We will be watching our caterpillars grow and change over the next number of weeks and we are very, very excited. They are already growing so big!

Thursday 28th April | What a super week back at school and what fun we had during outdoor play!