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As biodiversity is our main topic we are focusing on, as a committee, we went around our school grounds and carried out a biodiversity survey. 

"Biodiversity" is a measure of how many different species and individuals there are in an area. By completing a biodiversity survey we will get a figure between 0 and 1. On its own this figure doesn't tell you much, but by carrying out more surveys we can see if the biodiversity of an area changes. If the number increases it means our biodiversity has improved i.e. we have more individuals or more species present. 


On our first survey we recorded a vast number of species within our school grounds. This inlcuded birds, minibeasts, plants and flowers.


Our survey is measured using the Simpson's Index of Biodiversity which ranges from 0 to 1, with higher values (closer to 1) representing a greater sample diversity. After completing our survey it was calculated that we scored 0.903 on the Simpson's Index of Biodiversity which is an INCREDIBLE start!


We are looking forward to tidying and updating our bug hotel, creating bird feeders and making a butterfly garden to hopefully increase the biodiversity in our school even more!