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Cycling Proficiency Scheme


Each year Primary 7 pupils get the opportunity to take part in the Cycling Proficiency Scheme. The Cycling Proficiency Scheme has two parts – Firstly a written theory test which is based on the Junior Highway Code.


The second part of the test is the Practical Test which is completed on the roads marked out in the playground. There are 8 parts to this:


  1. Starting off

  2. Stopping and Parking

  3. Overtaking

  4. Left Turn

  5. Right Turn Minor/Major

  6. Right Turn Major/Minor

  7. Controlled Stop and Restart

  8. Cycle Control Test


In preparation for the test, pupils are given training by school staff and an officer from the Roads Safety Branch of the DOE comes in to supervise the test. Successful pupils receive a badge and certificate.