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We went to Tir na nÓg GFC for a tournament and had a lot of fun! We got to play with other schools and take part in lots of matches!

We had a lot of fun on our trip to Airtastic! We spent lots of time trampolining before playing a game of bowling and having pizza for lunch!

We took part in Ballyoran's Got Talent and we had a lot of fun! We put on a drama of The Boy Who Cried Wolf in front of the whole school!

We made and experimented with paper helicopters to help us learn more about air. We looked at how slowly they fell and thought about why this could be. We also tried some natural materials that we found outside to see what happened when they were dropped.

Today we took part in Sports Day events such as an obstacle race, sack race and skipping race. We also did sprints and a marathon race!

We had a lot of fun at the Colour Run!

To help us learn more about our Air topic, we did some experiments today. We made a parachute to see air resistance and we tested how quickly different types of paper fell.

We had a lot of fun at Relax Kidz today!

Today we read our books in the sun.

We enjoyed Relax Kidz today!

Your Life Session today we were learning about alcohol abuse

Healthy Kidz was lots of fun.

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Healthy Kidz

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Healthy Kidz

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Healthy Kidz

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We are looking forward to having Barney in our classroom this week!

In Show and Tell today we got to see some fascinating medals from World War 1 and World War 2. We learnt about why they were awarded and who received them.

We had a great time at our class Christmas party!

Today we went to see the Pantomime in the Marketplace Theatre in Armagh. We loved the songs, costumes and all of the jokes!

We took part in the Daily Mile Network's Santa run!

We had a visit from the dental nurse today. She looked at our teeth and told us how to keep them healthy.

In assembly today we celebtrated being brightly dressed for Ditch the Dark Day and winning the class Christmas card competition

We had a fun workshop with the Dogs Trust. We learnt about how to stay safe with dogs and how to look after them

We have taken part in the Samaritan’s Operation Christmas Child to give presents to children around the world

Ryan from EA Nurture Group was in LSC today. He led the children and staff in Theraplay activities. The children had great fun and afterwards the children felt very relaxed.

We made and decorated chocolate apples to celebrate Autumn

We visited Portadown People's Park to learn about Autumn and different types of trees

Our class wore yellow to mark World Mental Health Day