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We really enjoyed our class trip to Lisburn Cinema and Wallace Park

Well done to all our prize winners!

We had great fun on Sports Day

As today was World Day of Cultural Diversity, we were treated to African Drumming sessions. We loved it! We also did some activities in class.

We were learning about capacity today

Working with Numicom

Today we were performing poetry. We were looking at a poem called Alligator by Grace Nichols

The Occupational Therapist visited LSC today.

LSC had great fun on World Book Day. We dressed up as a character from a book, saw the Armagh Rhymers and also did some activities in class.

Some of our pupils were timing how long it took them to do some different activities using a stopwatch.

Real Gas Mask from World War 2! One of our pupils brought in a real gas mask that had been used by her great grandfather during World War 2.

LSC had a Christmas party today!

LSC are doing the Christmas Post!

Today we made kites

The Dental Nurse visits LSC

Working with the Harberton Reading Scheme

Working with Numicon

Heavy and Light

Place Value. Find the biggest number!

Welcome to LSC