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Pupils Go Colourful For Rainbow Day

Ballyoran Primary School was decked with all the colours of the rainbow on Tuesday 30th October 2012 when pupils were asked to come to school wearing rainbow colours and bring £2 to help The Rainbow Child Foundation.


All money raised by The Rainbow Child Foundation helps underprivileged children around the world. In 5 years, 15,000 children have benefited from this charity which provided schools with play pumps, farm seeds, sanitation and an HIV Awareness Programme.


The analogy of the rainbow is that each colour by itself is beautiful but when put together, they create this great spectacle – the rainbow. We can all find the treasure that lies within us and share it with children less fortunate than us.


Ellie Delaney, a Year 4 pupil, was crowned Miss Charity Princess Face of Northern Ireland in August after raising £2,100 for the Rainbow Child Foundation and Headway – which we will support later in the year.