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Year 5 Road Safety Walk

Year 5 Road Safety Walk

Year 5 have been involved in the Child Pedestrian Safety Training Scheme which involved close co-operation between the DOE Road Safety Education Office in Armagh and Ballyoran Primary to combine a practical training element with classroom instruction. On Tuesday 25th October 2011, Year 5 pupils undertook a walk on roads in the general area of the school where the associated road safety problems were encountered, negotiated and discussed.

The walk encompassed such issues as the Green Cross Code and Traffic Calming measures. The pupils were accompanied by DOE Road Safety Education Officers and school staff who ensured the children’s safety along the route.

This is the final year of this Programme and we are one of only fifteen schools in the SELB area selected to take part. Children have gained an increase in knowledge and skills concerning Road Safety through this Programme and any measure which has a chance of reducing child casualties on our road is surely to be commended.