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Thursday 30th September | Our numeracy lesson today was all about shapes! We did lots of fun activities to help us recognise and draw circles, squares, triangles and rectangles.

Wednesday 29th September | Today we were developing our finer motor skills again using tweezers, peg boards, threading beads and playdough.

Monday 27th September | This week in numeracy we are learning all about number 1. But today, all Miss Baird's number 1 displays had disappeared! We worked together to find where they were hiding in our classroom. We then practiced painting, drawing, writing and recognising number 1 in lots of fun ways!

Thursday 23rd September | Today was our first day using the digging area. Natan, Xavier, Dylan and Scarlett-Rose had great fun finding worms, digging holes and making food with mud and water. We also had the music instruments out today and we got to play on our new slide. Have a look at our super outdoor play pictures below.

Wednesday 22nd September | Coah Niall took us for P.E. today and we were super stars listening to his instructions and joining in on all the games!

Wednesday 22nd September | Today we were practicing using our crocodile snap grip to hold our pencils and write in our pre writing booklets.

Tuesday 21st/ Wednesday 22nd September | We have been doing lots of activities to work on our fine motor skills including playing with play dough, peg boards and our cutting skills booklets.

Tuesday 21st September | Today we were learning all about patterns. We used compare bears, unifix cubes and threading beads to copy and complete patterns.

Tuesday 7th September | Today was our first day of outdoor play. We had so much fun in the reading shed, playing with the water, the animals, in the house, building towers, drawing pictures and playing with the P.E. equipment.

This week we all Year 1! We had so much fun meeting our new friends and playing in our classroom.