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Term 1A

We finished the first half term of Year 3 with yummy chocolate apples!

This week we took part in a drama activity and put our acting skills to the test! We edited a play script based on the story ‘The Tiger Who Came to Tea’ and then performed it in front of the class. Take a look at some action shots.

Our learning on place value continued this week. We used lots of different numeracy resources to show tens and units in different numbers. We even sequenced our resources to show the numbers from smallest to largest.

Today we all wore yellow for World Mental Health Day.

We enjoyed using chalk pastels to create some beautiful autumn leaf art to bring some autumn feeling in to our classroom.

This week we were introduced to the topic of place value when we learnt about tens and units. We had great fun during practical numeracy making numbers using tens and units. We also got to throw some dice to make our own numbers.

Year 3 have been working so hard over the last few weeks on instructional writing. We ended our topic by making top hat buns. We followed our instructions and made the buns then evaluated our instructions. What a yummy treat for a Wednesday!

Our topic for this term is ‘Houses and Homes’. We have had lots of fun during activity based learning exploring our topic in lots of different ways.

In our literacy we have been learning about non-fiction texts, in particular, instructional texts. We sequenced and wrote instructions for making fairy bread then we followed our own instructions to make fairy bread ourselves. We had SO much fun!

We had a busy few days back to school but we still had lots of fun learning new things! Our new topic for this term is Houses and Homes!