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Term 1A

Friday 28th October | We had a super end to our first half term in school. We finished the term by making chocolate apples together. Well done boys and girls for all your hard work so far this year. Have a brilliant half term break!

Thursday 13th October | We continued our fractions work by learning about quarters. We practised splitting our biscuits in to 4 quarters and answering questions about the smarties on our biscuit

Monday 10th October | This week we are learning about fractions. Today we learnt about a whole and halves. We know that two halves make a whole and we know that each part or each half must be the same size or equal.

Friday 7th October | Our WAU topic this term is houses and homes and we have been learning about how houses are built and the different materials different houses are made from. Today we became the builders. Miss Baird gave us different food items and we had to work as a team to try and build our own houses. Some teams used the chocolate spread a cement for the bricks, some teams focused on building a good roof for the house to keep it dry inside. We were so creative. A special judge then came in and picked the best house.

Monday 12th September ¦ This week in numeracy we are revising our number bonds of 10. Today we had a practical numeracy lesson where we moved around the carousel stations, carrying out different activites to help reinforce our number bonds of 10.

Thursday 8th September ¦ Today we had our first activity based learning lesson based on our 'Houses and Homes' topic. We did some super writing about different types of homes, we made our own house pictures and we used construction toys to build our own houses.

Tuesday 30th August | What a BRILLIANT start to the year! We had so much fun in big Year 3 today. It was amazing seeing all our friends again and being in our new classroom. We are all super excited for the year ahead! Miss Baird definitely thinks she has the best class in the school!