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Term 2

We enjoyed going on the Easter Bunny hunt! The Easter bunny left us all a chocolate egg for being super this term!

Outdoor Play: We had so much fun getting outside to play! We even got to do some gardening!🪴

Art: Our beautiful Easter bunnies! 🐰

Numeracy: Addition to 20 treasure hunt!

Gruffalo Day! To bring an end to all the fun learning and activities we have been doing based on the story of ‘The Gruffalo’ in Literacy we had a Gruffalo party! We made Gruffalo Apple Crumble and made masks of our favourite characters! We also learned a new song!

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Language & Literacy: Working together to order jumbled up sentences from the story of the Gruffalo. We made human sentences with our words!

Play Based Leaning: Year 2 have been enjoying our Animal topic during play.

Numeracy: I spy with my little eye... Describing 2D shapes using their properties.

PE: Year 2 were practicing the long jump, shot put and high jump this week! Super skills!

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Language & Literacy: We went on a Gruffalo hunt in the Eco garden! We read the story book to remind us where the characters might be hiding. We found the mouse, owl, fox, snake and the Gruffalo 🐻🐍🦉🦊🐭

Language & Literacy: We read the story of the story of the Gruffalo and made our own story wheels. Then, we re-told the story to our partner.

Numeracy: Patterns, patterns, patterns! We can make patterns using numicon and natural materials outdoors!

Numeracy: Creating patterns with natural materials! We loved learning outside in the sunshine!

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Year 2 had a lovely day celebrating St Patrick’s with colouring and decorating yummy cupcakes! They were delicious!!

Numeracy/ICT: Year 2 have been learning all about data handling this week! We recorded our favourite colours in Year 2 by using a tally table and made a bar chart with the results. Year 2 have become computer whizz kids!

Literacy: We had a very exciting morning in Year 2 meeting a real-life author! We listened to him read a few of his children’s story books and he showed us real-life illustrations from his books! They were beautiful. We especially enjoyed learning about the magical Fairy Glen! Thank you for coming to visit us!

Art: Spring has Sprung in Year 2! Look at our beautiful Daffodils🌼

Numeracy: Adding 2 or 3 items together and making the correct amount with coins.

Numeracy: How many ways can you make 10p? Year 2 found so many ways to make 10p using 1p, 2p, 5p and 10p coins! Super work!!

Year 2 looking amazing in their World Book Day costumes! A great effort boys and girls!😀📚

World Book Day 2022! We had so much fun dressing up as our favourite character’s, reading our favourite books, writing about our characters and making our very own bookmarks! I think our most favourite part of the day was working out who was reading behind the mask!!

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Half Term Treat! We filled our reward jar right to the top for meeting our focus this term - ‘We work hard and quiet when learning’. As a class we decided at the start of term if we filled our Pom Pom jar our reward would be a movie and popcorn afternoon! We did it!! Yummy!!!

Numeracy: Weight Stations!

Wear Red Day for Northern Ireland Chest Heart & Stroke!

Learning through Play: We created a marble effect on our rainbow fish using inks and water mixed together! We created lots of different colours and designs!

Numeracy: Measuring length using cubes!

Literacy: Re-telling the story of ‘The Rainbow Fish’ using Green Screen!

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Numeracy: Length - We sorted the spaghetti in Mrs Muldrew’s saucepan from shortest to longest! Some of us pulled out very long spaghetti strings and others a very short string!

Safer Internet Day 2022! The boys and girls learned lots of important rules when playing games online. Watch our informative video on how to stay safe online!

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Numeracy: We had lots of fun learning how to take away by playing ‘Subtraction Ten Pin Bowling’ and the ‘Subtraction Bus Ride’ game!

Literacy/ICT: We used our describing words to create a descriptive piece of writing pretending to be Elmer! Listen to a few children in Year 2 record themselves reading their fantastic writing!

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Language & Literacy: Amazing Adjectives! Year 2 had lots of fun writing words to describe Elmer today! They used their terrific work to create an elephant word cloud on the iPad! Check out some fantastic descriptive word clouds below!

Literacy/ICT: Wonderful Word Clouds using adjectives to describe Elmer the elephant!

Literacy/Phonics: Year 2 have been learning all about the ‘er’ sound this week. We having been reading different stories about Elm’er’ the elephant and created our very own patchwork Elmer’s to help us remember the ‘er’ sound! They look wonderful!

Numeracy: Year 2 know all their number bonds to 10! Well done!! Look at our beautiful ‘Friends of 10’ window display!

Numeracy: We can match and read number words to 20! Wow, super work Year 2! We love playing fun numeracy games to help us learn!

Numeracy: Sorting 2D shapes for 2 and 3 criteria and discussing their properties!

Language & Literacy: Today we went on a cold, winter senses walk❄️

Numeracy: We can count in 2’s! Taking our numeracy outdoors to hang pairs of socks on the washing line, Collect nature in pairs of 2 and order them on a number line and complete missing numbers counting in 2’s. Finally, we really enjoyed playing the game ‘Shark Attack’ where we had to hide from the shark in groups of 2’s in the caves!

Fun in the snow! Our new topic this term is Winter. What a better way to start of our learning but by playing in the snow and learning all about winter clothing and igloos!