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This year in school Mrs Muldrew is head of Sustrans. She will be working hard to help us reach our goal of achieving the Gold Sustrans award.

All of the activities and challenges below will encourage us to use more sustainable forms of transport, for example, walking, cycling or scooting to and from school.

Transport is one of the topics we are focusing on this year in Eco School and all of Mrs Muldrew's exciting initiatives and challenges will help us towards the renewal of our eco school green flag.


Have a look below at all the exciting things we get up to throughout the year!

Big Walk and Wheel Challenge

We're taking part in Sustrans Big Walk and Wheel Challenge 2022, the UK's largest inter-cycling, walking, wheeling and scooting challenge. The challenge runs from Monday 21st March to Friday 1st April. 


Children will be encouraged to walk, scoot or cycle to school on as many days as possible during the event. The Eco Committee will be collecting results each day, to enter into the UK school leaderboard.


Art Competition - We are going to hold a whole school art competition throughout the 10 days. Each pupil will create a poster to promote the importance of active travel. Children can create a poster or a persuasive piece of writing.

There will be some Easter themed prizes for the winner of each class.




Ditch the Dark Day

This week Mrs Muldrew had another exciting activity planned for our school to help us learn about road safety and the importance of being safe and being seen when we are outside having fun. Our whole school took part in 'Ditch the Dark Day'. We all came to school in brightly coloured clothes to remind us of the importance of being visible particularly during the dark winter evenings. We had a special assembly where Dave from Sustrans taught us about being safe and being seen and helped us learn about importance clothes and safety items we could wear to make sure we are visible. The foundation stage classes also went outside and had great fun practicing how to cross a zebra crossing. They were remembering Super Cat's safety rap "Stop, Look, Listen, Think!" 

Journey to Santa Challenge

Our second challenge in the transport topic is the Journey to Santa challenge. Have a read at Mrs Muldrew's instructions below and follow along with the updates which will follow soon...

As a whole school we will be taking part in the Journey to Santa challenge this year. The goal is to travel the total distance from Northern Ireland to the North Pole, which is 2500 miles.  


It will run from Monday 15th November – Friday 10th December.  

Each pupil can travel a maximum of 3 miles per day towards the North Pole.  


Walk, cycle or scoot to OR from school = 1 mile  

At least 15 minutes of exercise outside school = 2 mile  

At least 15 minutes of exercise within school (e.g. Daily Mile) = 1 mile  


Pupils should use their individual stamp sheets to keep a record of their activity. Each teacher will use a classroom recording table to keep track of the numbers each day. 


To make the challenge more competitive and fun I thought we could record our weekly class totals on a display board in the dinner hall for pupils to see a visual representation of the journeys. To add some humour, each teacher will represent their class with a picture dressed as Santa on a bike/scooter. Teachers will record their weekly total every Friday. 


There will be certificates and prizes for successful pupils/ classes.

Back to School Adventure

Mrs Muldrew has kicked the year off with our first travel challenge, the Back to School Adventure. 



Each class will be challenged to travel actively to school for 15 days in September. Each pupil will receive individual stamp sheets. Children get their sheets stamped when they walk, scoot or cycle to school in the mornings.

1 stamp = 1 house point

15 stamps = Entered class draw and 2 winners will be chosen


Let's start the year strong and travel actively to school as much as we can!