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Year 1

Exploring the Trim Trail. Yesterday during PE we got to practise our gross motor skills by trying to make it across the Trim Trail!

Our Trip to Scallywags. We had lots of fun today on our trip to Scallywags. A lovely end to our first year in school.

Warm up for colour run!

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Paint time!

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We have really enjoyed getting to make new friends with children in Bocombra Primary School through Shared Education. We had them visit our classroom to play and we got to go and play at their school. Today we had a lovely day having our Teddy Bears Picnic together at the park.

This week in Numeracy we have been learning to add using counters and Numicon.

Outdoor Play Year 1 and Year 1/2

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This week we have been enjoying our Outdoor Play Area. We have lots of different activities outside including a mud cafe, mud kitchen, scooter zone, water zone, construction area and PE area. We all had lots of fun learning and playing together.

Happy Easter! The Easter bunny left us some nice treats in the playground today 😊


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Today we finished off our Gymnastics lessons by learning lots of new skills using our wall bars, benches and mats. We practised our climbing, balancing and rolling and had fun swinging and sliding.

Our new topic is Pirates. We have been learning all about Pirates through play. We have enjoyed going on adventures in our Pirate ship in our classroom, making treasure maps and drawing ships. Making ships from construction materials and using play dough to make Pirate models. We have a treasure island in our sand tray and have been enjoying reading and watching different Pirate stories.

World book Day 2023... We enjoyed an assembly to see everyone’s costumes, a parade outside with Nursery, reading lots of stories and having stories read to us online. What a fun day, well done to everyone on your fantastic costumes!

Every Thursday afternoon we enjoy having the iPads in our classroom. This week we have been practising our numbers to 10 using a new Number Jacks App.


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We have been enjoying dancing with our coach in PE. Each week we have focused on a different country and have been learning a new dance routine. We have really enjoyed it!

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Today we went on a Bear Hunt around school 🙂

We have been reading “We’re going on a bear hunt”. We made our own backgrounds from the story using sponges and paint. Then we pretended we were on a bear hunt for our photograph and added it to our background along with a bear to make our pictures

Numeracy: We have been learning to make patterns and all about the number 6!

Christmas biscuit fun.

Our Christmas party day. We had lots of fun today and even had a visit from Santa!

Our trip to see Santa at the Navan Centre. We had lots of fun meeting Santa, making our Christmas craft, watching the Christmas show and even had some Christmas treats to eat and drink!

Year 1 enjoyed Children in Need today.

We are learning about length. Our important words for this week were “long, longer, longest” and “short, shorter and shortest”.

Our new letter sound this week is ‘P’. We have been having fun using finger painting to learn how to form our sound correctly. We also had fun making pretend pizzas.. ‘P is for pizza’ and we all love Pizza!

Our Golden Pupil for October was Brayan. Brayan got his award for working hard and being honest. Well done Brayan.

Our Autumn Walk. We had lots of fun collecting leaves at the park. We found lots of different colours, played Autumn games and sang our Autumn Song! We were very good at walking with our partners and crossing the road safely. Well done everyone!

We are enjoying exploring our Castles topic during our play. Today we enjoyed creating our own dragons.

Leah received our September Golden Pupil Award for Great Listening - Well done Leah!

We had fun practising our numbers outside today

This week for Numeracy we have been sorting objects and copying patterns

We have really enjoyed our outdoor play this week

Our first week in Year 1.