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Year 3

Year 3 2016-2017

In groups, year 3 used book creator to make a book all about the lifecycle of a sunflower. Then we presented our work to the rest of the class

estimating and measuring the weight of our school shoes using cubes

Measuring volume using different objects

Glossary work using our non-fiction books

We followed instructions to make rice krispie buns

We went on a hunt around the playground to find the names of different minibeasts. When we got back to the classroom we tallied our results into a tally chart

We are learning about capacity in Year 3. We have learnt the terms full, nearly full, half full or half empty, almost empty and empty. We used these words to descirbe the capacity of 5 drinking glasses.

We are learning to estimate and measure the length of objects in the classroom. We used paperclips, cubes, counters and lollipop sticks to measure the objects.

Tallying and bar charts

Pancake Tuesday Assembly

Year 3 made their own version of the story "We're going on a bear hunt".

We are learning about place value

We made ladybirds to show our number bonds to 10

Year 3's assembly all about autumn

We have been learning to input data onto a tree diagram.

We are learning to recognise coins up to 50p

using non-standard units to measure. We measured different objects using our hand span and strike. We estimated and measured classroom and playground items.

Having fun using the Bee-Bot in Year 3