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Year 4

Tuesday 12tMarch was our Mega Maths Day. The focus for the day was Numeracy. All classes from Year 1-7 were involved with a variety of activities from Maths games and puzzles, The Countdown Number challenge, interactive ICT games, practical maths, Mathletics and much more. There was great enthusiasm and excitement about Maths throughout the school. We also completed our ‘Perimeter Pennies’ challenge. The pupils had been collecting 1ps and 2ps and on the day we placed them all out around the perimeter of the playground. We were able to go around the playground twice with a distance of 320m. We also raised the fantastic amount of £205.02 which will go towards the cost of our Mathletics programme.

We worked with the Amma Centre to explore the Green Screen App. We had lots of fun creating our own videos!

We were following instruction texts to make pop up cards! We had so much fun!

We had fun using Bee-Bot to practise using directional language and programming to complete a set of mazes.

We enjoyed making Chocolate Apples!

We were learning to measure longer lengths using a trundle wheel

An Author called Wes Magee came to visit everyone in School