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Year 4 A

Saying goodbye to Miss Alfonso. Thank you for helping us this year!

We used practical activities to put our clockwise and anticlockwise skills to the test. We programmed Bee-Bots on a map and on the iPads.

Recordng our Ballyoran Rap on GarageBand!

We have been learning about half, quarter, three quarter and whole turns in clockwise and anticlockwise direcitons. We went outside to practise!

We have been learning about weight. We used the scales to estimate and discover what items were the same weight as 1KG.

We have been learning how to divide by using cubes and dividing them between elastic bands.

We have been making snowmen for Christmas.

In Numeracy, we have been learning to estimate, measure and compare weights.

Having lots of Halloween fun making chocolate apples!

In numeracy we have been learning about addition and subtraction of two digit numbers

Learning about Odd and Even numbers in Numeracy

In Numeracy we have been looking at Place Value.

Year 4