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Year 5

In Art Year 5 have been drawing pictures of the Titanic using oil pastels

Year 5 have been writing their own Fantasy Tales in Literacy and creating their own fictional characters

This term in The World Around Us our topic is "The Titanic"

In Literacy we have been looking at the Poem "Magic Box" by Kit Wright. We had to write our own magic box poems and make a magic box to put our poems into.

World Book Day 2015

Our Egyptian visitor

Welcome to Year 5

Musical Pathways 2014

In Literacy this week we were looking at instructional texts. We used the iPads to create a set of instructions on How to make a pop up card and paper plate fish. We used the Keynote presentation app to create step by step instructional slides.

We have been using the iPads to exchange messages in an online forum with St Jarlath's Primary School Blackwatertown.

Litter Education Programme

Year 5 learning to play Badminton

Sponsored Readathon

European Languages Day