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Year 6

Prize Day

Cycle Against Suicide

Year 6 enjoyed dressing up for World Book Day.

NSPCC Workshop -we talked about how we can keep ourselves safe online and when we are out and about.

On Thursday 28th January 21 year 6 pupils had the chance to visit Armagh Planetarium.  We got to go as a treat because this trip was a prize; Aodhan O’Connor  from our class won the Christmas Card competition.  He had drawn a picture of a space Santa and won the top prize.  He got some space food, rubbers, pencils and other treats, plus, to our delight, a class trip.


We travelled by coach and went straight into the Observatory where we watched a presentation on the Planets and Stars, How to be an Astronaut and at the end we had the chance to travel on Armaghgeddon: the virtual space roller coaster.  It was all fantastic.


Then we handled a real meteorite and saw a rocket replica.  We then enjoyed a rocket workshop where we made rockets and fired them outside –using water and air pressure as rocket fuel.  Team TT, Thomas and Tiernan, managed to go the furthest.


After a short stroll round the rest of the planetarium, we returned to school in time for lunch.  The children thoroughly enjoyed it and their behaviour was exemplary. 


Our synonym cinnabuns

Part 1 of our Cinnamon Synonyms

The Healthy Kids programme has been running every Thursday for several weeks with year 5, 6 & 7. Here are some photos of our class

We had a class assembly on the 15th October to celebrate Harvest and be thankful to God,

Today we were multiplying by 10 and 100. We had to move 1 or 2 decimal places.