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Year 7

Year 7 2016-2017

Year 7 Have been learning about rocks as part of their World Around Us topic.


They used a key to help identify some of Northern Ireland's major rock types.

Shared education at Bocombra Primary School 25/1/17. We were learning all about exchange rates.

Year 7s have been learning about function machines and having some fun with their calculator and upside-down words!

Year 7 pupils attended a Sentinus Day at Brownlow Integrated College. They programmed robots cars and built rockets. They really enjoyed their day.

Our Christmas Party

Olivia, Evie, and Noah attended the "Amazing The Space" event at the Eikon Centre on September 21st with Mrs Walker and Mr Woolsey. The day was organised by co-operation Ireland and was in recognition of the work done by young people to achieve peace around the world.