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Year 7

Year 7

Year 7 enjoyed their end of year trip to the Armagh Planetarium on Wednesday 13th June

Year 7 visited the People's Park on Wednesday 6th June. We enjoyed finding and identifying trees. We measured the girth of some of the larger trees to work out the approximate age. We looked at the baby ducks in the pond. Finally, some of the more adventureous of us climbed trees and rolled down the steep slopes.

Year 7 have been learning about Our Place in the Universe. They will be visiting the Armagh Planetarium on the 13th June as one of their end of year school trips.

Year 7 discovered that electricity will not flow in a straight line - it needs a circuit. They made a bulb light and made motorised blades.

Year 7 enjoyed working with a new resource in school called Izak9 which allows pupils to work as a team to solve mathematical problems in a very hand on and interactive way.

Children in Need in Year 7